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FluidCrystal® technology

Slow release to ease burden of daily administration

FluidCrystal is Camurus’ patent-protected technology that, when combined with active pharmaceutical compounds with established efficacy and safety characteristics or new chemical entities, offers the promise of improvements in treatment outcomes, convenience and quality of life for people with serious and chronic diseases whilst also having the potential to improve the utilisation of resources in the healthcare system. 

Smart and versatile drug delivery

Prolonged-release injection depot

FluidCrystal injection depot is designed to provide treatment efficacy over extended periods – with a single subcutaneous injection. This technology has the potential to reduce the burden of daily medication while increasing adherence to therapy.

Mode of drug delivery

The FluidCrystal injection depot comprises a lipid-based liquid with a dissolved active ingredient that is injected subcutaneously. Upon contact with fluids in the tissue, the lipid solution transforms into a liquid crystalline gel, which effectively encapsulates the active ingredient. The medicinal compound is slowly released as the liquid crystalline matrix gradually degrades in the tissue and the release can be controlled from several days to weeks or months depending on the composition.

Watch our short video below to understand how FluidCrystal technology works

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