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Support to attend third party educational events/meetings

Application process 

For an application to be successful, there must be a demonstrable link between the knowledge gained by the HCP through attending the meeting and direct application to clinical practice. Camurus is unable to support HCPs whose primary objective is to enhance their own CV.

Furthermore, the HCP must meet the following criteria:

  1. The HCP has a current role within or has demonstrated a strong interest in the therapeutic area, and;
  2. The HCP has demonstrated a genuine desire to improve services and clinical effectiveness in the therapeutic area, and/or;
  3. The HCP has a specific health need in their patient population relevant to the meeting.

Please note:

The offer of support applies to meetings/events specified by Camurus and taking place in the UK at venues deemed appropriate by Camurus, or virtually.

Calendar of events

Our support extends only to registration fees and does not include expenses for travel, accommodation, food and drink, social activities and events and or any other related expenses that may be incurred.

Where educational meetings offer both in-person and virtual attendance, Camurus’ preference will always be to support virtual attendance. In-person attendance will only be funded by exception should the applicant be able to demonstrate legitimate justification to attend in person, rather than virtually.

All arrangements related to registration for the event/meeting must be completed by the applicant, including upfront payment. The applicant must provide proof of attendance and a payment receipt in order to be reimbursed by Camurus.

If you are interested in submitting an application to attend a third party educational meeting or event, please fully complete the form below.

Applications will be reviewed by the Camurus Medical Team and the applicant will be advised of the success or not of their application via email. Any decision should be deemed as final.

Should you have any questions whilst compiling your request please email

UK-NPR-2300034 Apr 2023