Patient organisation disclosure

Methodological note - Annual Disclosure of Contracted Services, Donations, Grants and Sponsorship
(including in relation to events/meetings), Provided to Patient Organisations: 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2020


The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice 2021 requires all companies to make publicly available annually, a list of patient organisations to which it provides donations, grants or sponsorship (including in relation to events/meetings) or with whom it has engaged to provide contracted services over the reporting period (Clause 29.1). Companies must also make publicly available annually details of the fees for certain contracted services paid to members of the UK public including patients and journalists (Clause 30.1). These services include speaking at meetings, assistance with training, writing articles and/or publications, participating in advisory boards, advising on the design etc of clinical trials, participating in market research where such participation involves remuneration and/or travel. A note of methodologies used by companies in identifying and preparing the disclosures described above must also be included.

This document summarises the approach taken by Camurus in identifying and calculating the figures provided.


Patient Organisation (PO)
An organisation mainly comprised of patients and/or caregivers or any user organisation such as disability organisation, carer or relative organisation and consumer organisation that represents and/or supports the needs of patients and/or caregivers.

Transfers of Value (TOV)
Payments have been disclosed under the following TOV category types:

Sponsorship of meetings organised by POs: Camurus Ltd discloses all payments made to POs in relation to support for meetings.

Contracted services and related expenses: Camurus Ltd discloses all payments made to POs and members of the public (including patients and journalists) for their services provided to Camurus Ltd in the form of service and consultancy fees; any related expenses agreed in the fee for service or consultancy contract, including transport and accommodation, are disclosed as related expenses.

Donations: Camurus Ltd has not made any donations to POs in the reporting period.

Grants to POs: Camurus Ltd has not made any grants to POs in the reporting period.

Scope of disclosure

All TOVs made to POs and members of the public in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and payments made by Camurus Ltd to POs based overseas have been disclosed.

Payments to UK POs or members of the public by other Camurus affiliates
Camurus AB (overseas) has not made any payments to UK-based POs or members of the UK public.

Tracking and collation of disclosures
All TOV data is collated on a single TOV spreadsheet based on contracts, agreements and invoice information, agency submitted TOV information, other Camurus affiliate submitted TOV information, and data privacy consent responses. This TOV spreadsheet is utilised to perform all TOV-related activities and reporting.

Other coniderations

Reporting date
There is an inevitable delay between the date on which a payment is approved within Camurus and the date on which the payment is made. Camurus has included only payments that have been made in the calendar year being reported.

VAT and other tax considerations
Where payments were made and VAT was applicable, the VAT has been excluded for the purposes of disclosure. Therefore , all values provided are exclusive of VAT.

There are no other tax considerations.

Multi-year agreements
There are no multi-year agreements for the reporting period.

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UK-NPR-2200122 Nov 2022